Together in the fight against food waste

What we do at PHENIX

PHENIX uses its expertise and field experience to:

  • Reduce all forms of waste
  • Encourage new attitudes and behaviours regarding goods consumption and management
  • Contribute on the ground to the transition towards a circular economy
  • Mobilise different parties on forward-looking issues

We are to an extent the heirs of Lavoisier, who once said that “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.
Based on this motto, we want to put the bin out of business – because we know there are a number of reuse/recycling options available before resorting to the skip.
We want to make it easier for our clients to access these different channels (associations, discount outlets, recyclers etc.).


2014 – European Year Against Food Waste

At the start of 2012, the European parliament adopted a resolution calling for urgent measures to halve our food waste by 2025.
Foodwaste in figures

  • Food waste in the EU (27): 89 million tonnes per year (or 179 kg per citizen)
  • Predictions for 2020 (without measures to reduce this): 126 million tonnes (or an increase of 40%)

The source of waste:

  • Households: 42 %
  • Agro-food industry: 39 %
  • Retailers: 5 %
  • Catering industry: 14 %

Source: European Commission