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Become a key player in waste reduction by joining our network to receive free donations from the companies who rely on us.
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PHENIX commits

In line with the ethics and values of social entrepreneurship, our organisation’s team works to pursue objectives in the public interest.

5 reasons to join us:

1. A free service

        We offer a completely free service to every organisation recognised to be acting for the public good and in the general public interest.

2. A personalised service

        We will establish personal contact with you to learn about your needs and constraints, then help you to find solutions.

3. Ongoing access to food and non-food products

        PHENIX guarantees access to different types of products according to your needs, e.g. sanitary products, cleaning products, textiles, school supplies, toys, IT equipment, furniture, fresh food products (fruits and vegetables, dairy products etc.), dry food products (rice, biscuits etc.) and frozen food products.


4. Collection and supply of quality products

        PHENIX guarantees that its non-food products are brand-new, quality products and its food products meet all statutory requirements and health standards; they are perfectly edible.

5. Reduced procurement and transport costs

        Thanks to our geo-located proximity network, you can quickly find available products in short circuits.


      We also set up logistic connections to facilitate transportation.

For more information please contact:

» Charlotte Boyer Chammard- M : – T: 52 64 34 63