About us


Our mission

We aim to find new uses for end-of-life products.

Our company’s main objective is to promote the revalorisation of food and non-food products, particularly by repurposing them via associations.

We also aim to engage more broadly in reutilisation, recycling and upcycling dynamics, in collaboration with other industry actors.

Our vision

We believe that the future lies in the collaborative economy and the optimum management of existing resources. That’s why the PHENIX team has created a pioneering organisation of waste reduction – and why it wants to fully integrate a new generation of stakeholders looking to create innovative solutions for as many people as possible.

Our motto is Lavoisier’s famous maxim: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.

Our values

PHENIX is a democratic, social enterprise that’s proud of the social and environmental impact of its services and the meaning behind its activities.

A significant proportion of the value created by PHENIX is reinvested in the company in line with its founders’ values.

Our team is built on a platform of shared values:
– trust, dynamism, team spirit and the primacy of the common good on one hand;
– professionalism, innovation and usefulness on the other.

Our team

Charlotte Boyer Chammard – Director of PHENIX DK

_MG_4347 Background: Charlotte studied her bachelor in Economics in Paris and followed with a masters’ degree in Business and Development studies at the Copenhagen Business School, in which her interest for social and environmental issues grew strong. Transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle herself, she realised involving companies in waste reduction strategies was the necessary way forward and decided to steer her professional career towards that goal.

Her role in the team: Charlotte is the director of the company PHENIX DK, the Danish counterpart of the French company PHENIX. She is in charge of all daily activities in Denmark.

» M : charlotte@wearephenix.com – T : +45 52643463


Nicolas Piffeteau- Development Manager PHENIX DK

nicolas piffeteauBackground: At the end of his two-year Master in Business Administration at the IESEG School of Management, Nicolas decided to start his career within the social and solidarity economy. His international work experience (Ecuador, California, France, …) in socially responsible companies such as Rising Sun Energy Center, Enactus, or Escoffee, have allowed him to acquire a broad overview of the sector.
Nicolas began collaborating with PHENIX a year and a half ago in France and shows a precise knowledge on operational aspects of waste management.

His role in the team: Nicolas is the Development Manager PHENIX DK. His participation in defining PHENIX France’s strategy allows him to maintain an efficient relationship with the organizations that are part of our ecosystem.

» M : nicolas.p@wearephenix.com – T : +33 695924969


Jean Moreau – Co-founder of PHENIX France

jean moreauBackground: Having spent five years in the commercial banking sector, Jean decided to seek a more fulfilling career by putting his skills to use for a cause that’s dear to his heart. After co-founding his first start-up with Baptiste based on related activities, he decided to keep working in the same sector by creating an organisation more in keeping with his values and state of mind. Jean has a masters’ degree in public affairs from ESSEC and Sciences-Po in Paris and also holds a law degree. He currently teaches finance at Sciences-Po and HEC.

His role in the team: Jean is the company’s president.
He is in charge of liaising with various partners in the ecosystem.
His background in commercial banking and his financial and legal expertise enable him to effortlessly manage the company’s administrative and financial affairs.

» Email : jean@wearephenix.com – Tel :06 00 00 00 00


Baptiste Corval – Co-founder of PHENIX France
baptiste corvalHis background: After piloting a number of online projects (MyMajorCompany) and creating a men’s ready-to-wear brand, Baptiste decided to combine his creativity and expertise and contribute to a more meaningful entrepreneurial endeavour.
After a first foray into the world of start-ups, Baptiste once again linked up with Jean to develop a second company dedicated to the reduction of waste.

His role in the team: Baptiste is the company’s CEO.
His technical approach, affinity for innovation and natural rapport allow him to handle all tasks concerning the design of the application. He also acts as the company’s commercial director.

» Email : baptiste@wearephenix.com – Tel :06 00 00 00 00